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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
1755391995-01-05ActiveLoyst Patrick Fletcher Private Practice Small Law Office Law Office of Loyst P. Fletche
500 S Grand Ave 19th F
Los Angeles, CA 90071
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VACol William & Mary Marshall-Wythe SOL; Williamsburg VA
2777412011-10-10ActiveAlden Michael Shorter 873 Main St Apt 5
Hackensack, NJ 07601-4930

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAGeorge Washington Univ LS; Washington DC
1173361985-01-23ActiveRegina Kay Dillard State Farm/Federal Affairs State Farm/Federal Affair
1900 M St NW #73
Washington, DC 20036
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAGeorgetown Univ Law Ctr; Washington DC
2731512010-12-01ActiveBrittany Delores Owens Owens Moss PLL
770 North West S
Jackson, MS 39202
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
2182402001-12-18ActiveRussell K Robinson UCLA School of Law UC Berkeley School of La
439 Boalt Hall Nort
Berkeley, CA 94720
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
2696142010-05-24ActiveJaaye Person-Lynn Law Office of Los Angeles County P
210 W Temple S
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAHoward Univ SOL; Washington DC
2460762006-12-05ActiveSasha Elizabeth HW Battle Howrey LLP 6101 Edsall Rd Apt 120
Alexandria, VA 22304

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAHoward Univ SOL; Washington DC
1649261993-06-15InactiveKaryn D Boston Private Practice Small Law Office 1407 S Emerald S
Chicago, IL 60607

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAMichigan State UNV COL; E Lansing MI
639841975-06-27ActiveEdith Parker Corlette P. O. Box 92 PO Box 850
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VANorthwestern Univ SOL; Chicago IL
2813262011-12-09ActiveTerrance Lenair Allen 2807 Tilden Av
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
2430882006-06-02ActiveDanielle Lynne Jackson The Jackson Law Firm 525 B St Ste 150
San Diego, CA 92101

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VATexas Southern Thurgood Marshall SOL; TX
2418932006-03-16ActiveJessany Emileigh Garrett Sylmark Inc Ideal Living Management, LL
14724 Ventura Blvd Ste 20
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA Business Law
Intellectual Property Law
2059571999-12-26InactiveDaria Evangeline Neal Private Practice Small Law Office 21 Seaton Pl NW Unit
Washington, DC 20001

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1003641981-12-01ActiveBess Murchison Brewer Private Practice Small Law Office Law Office of Bess M Brewer & Associate
PO Box 508
Sacramento, CA 95817
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
1952531998-06-01ActiveKandace Watson Baker & McKenzie LLP Baker & McKenzie LL
12544 High Bluff Dr 3F
San Diego, CA 92130
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUniv of Texas SOL; Austin TX
2027261999-11-22ActiveFreya Lynn Christian Private Practice Small Law Office 1880 Century Park E Ste 41
Los Angeles, CA 90067

Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUniv of Virginia SOL; Charlottesville VA
2115672000-12-04ActiveJamila Berridge Jean Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuter
Metro Cente
1 Station P
Stamford, CT 06902
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAUSC Law School; Los Angeles CA
2446342006-12-01ActiveAngelina Teresa Evans Chew Jones Day Palmer, Lombardi & Donohue LL
888 W 6th St 12th F
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Hampton Univ.; Hampton VAWhittier Coll SOL; CA



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