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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
1436561989-12-11Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Diane Maureen Sadler The Riverside Co 935 Riverside #2
Paso Robles, CA 93446

Univ of California at Los Angeles; CACalifornia Western SOL; San Diego CA
1036051982-06-16Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Susan Hart The Riverside Co 2336 Riverside D
Santa Ana, CA 92706

Loyola Univ; New Orleans LALoyola Univ SOL; New Orleans LA
1677401993-12-16Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Brandon Burnham Powell The Riverside Co 177 Riverside Ave Ste
Newport Beach, CA 92663

No Information Available;McGeorge SOL Univ of the Pacific; CA
874681979-10-01Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Antonio T. Lacson The Riverside Co 448 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027

No Information Available;New York Univ SOL; New York NY
460401970-01-15Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Michael Stephen Tannen The Riverside Co 90 Riverside Dr #5
New York, NY 10024

Hobart Coll; Geneva NYNew York Univ SOL; New York NY
410161967-12-21Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)William Martin Pfeiffer The Riverside Co 708 NW Riverside Blv
Bend, OR 97701

Univ of Notre Dame; Notre Dame INNorthwestern Univ SOL; Chicago IL
765471977-12-21Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Steven David Goldberg The Riverside Co 265 Riverside Dr #5
New York, NY 10025

Brandeis Univ; Waltham MASanta Clara Univ SOL; Santa Clara CA
1772931995-06-14Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Peter Aaron Wolf The Riverside Co 13351-D Riverside Dr #46
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Univ of Southern Calif; Los Angeles CASouthwestern Univ SOL; Los Angeles CA
2179162001-12-11Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Shawn Hoehne Conway The Riverside Co 1252 Riverside Av
Baltimore, MD 21230

Rice Univ; Houston TXStanford Univ Law School; Stanford CA
1954461998-06-04Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Mary Lin-Hua Wu The Riverside Co 262 15th Av
San Francisco, CA 94118

Stanford Univ; Stanford CAStanford Univ Law School; Stanford CA
1489281990-12-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Valerie Diane Wiswell The Riverside Co 10311 Riverside Dr #10
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Univ of California Davis; Davis CAU of San Francisco SOL; San Francisco CA
336481963-01-10Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)C Edward Shelton The Riverside Co 11818 Riverside Dr Apt 21
Valley Village, CA 91607-4086

Univ of Colorado; COUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
633491975-01-15Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)David Michael Gong The Riverside Co 1236 Riverside Avenu
Baltimore, MD 21230

Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CAUC Davis SOL King Hall; Davis CA
1152871984-12-03Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Lawrence G. Shapiro The Riverside Co 11 Riverside Dr #11C-
New York, NY 10023

Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CAUC Hastings COL; San Francisco CA
1196071985-12-10Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)B. J. Cling The Riverside Co 325 Riverside Dr #8
New York, NY 10025

New York Univ; New York NYUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1457461988-07-30Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)William Robert Engles Jr The Riverside Co 5 Riverside Dr #13
New York, NY 10023

Harvard Univ; Cambridge MAUniv of Chicago Law School; Chicago IL
1085281983-06-03Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Raymond Edward Mapps The Riverside Co 276 Riverside Dr #12
New York, NY 10025

See Registration Card;Univ of West Los Angeles; Los Angeles CA
503571972-01-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Timothy Gail Dallinger The Riverside Co 12925 Riverside Dr 3F
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAUSC Law School; Los Angeles CA
941391980-12-16Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Michael John Merline The Riverside Co 177 Riverside #
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Western State Univ; CAWestern State Univ; CA
503901972-01-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Howard David Deutsch The Riverside Co 140 Riverside Dr #7
New York, NY 10024

City Univ of New York - City College; New York NYYale Law School; New Haven CT



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