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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
974841981-05-29Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Albert Morgan Cloud III Emory Univ,School Of Law Emory Univ,School Of La
Gambrell Hal
Atlanta, GA 30322
Grinnell Coll; Grinnell IACornell Univ; Ithaca NY
1656841993-08-25Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Ian Fidencio Haney-Lopez UC School of Law UC School of La
Boalt Hal
Berkeley, CA 94720
Washington Univ; St Louis MOHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
1252501986-12-11Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Anthony James Tolbert UCLA School of Law UCLA/School Of La
P O Box 95147
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1476
Univ of California Santa Barbara; CAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
665861975-12-18Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Evelyn Lewis Kirkland UC School of Law UC School of La
King Hal
Davis, CA 95616
Univ of North Carolina; Chapel Hill NCHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
345051963-07-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Joseph Reinhart Thome School Of Law School Of La
Univ. Of Wisconsi
Madison, WI 53706
Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
309191961-01-11Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Frank Ira Goodman Univ of PA/School of Law Univ of PA/School of La
34th & Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Harvard Univ; Cambridge MAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
1514731990-12-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Lisa E Wilkins McGeorge School of Law McGeorge School of La
3200 5th Av
Sacramento, CA 95817
Michigan State Univ; E Lansing MIMcGeorge SOL Univ of the Pacific; CA
849441979-01-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Linda Jane Krieger UC/School Of Law UC/School Of La
225 Boalt Hal
Berkeley, CA 94720-7200
Stanford Univ; Stanford CANew York Univ SOL; New York NY
1138471984-06-14Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Walter John Walsh Seton Hall/School of Law Seton Hall/School of La
1 Newark Ct
Newark, NJ 07102
See Registration Card;No Information Available
514331972-01-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)James William Robertson School Of Law School Of La
Howard Universit
Washington, DC 20008
Santa Clara Univ; Santa Clara CAStanford Univ Law School; Stanford CA
1243761986-12-11Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Gretchen Ann Bender Univ Dayton School Of Law Univ Dayton School Of La
300 College Par
Dayton, OH 45469-2772
Northwestern Univ; Evanston ILU of San Francisco SOL; San Francisco CA
1050611982-12-03Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Antonia Eve Bernhard School Of Law School Of Law, King Hal
University Of Californi
Davis, CA 95616
Univ of California Riverside; CAUC Davis SOL King Hall; Davis CA
1329361987-12-14Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Michael Hunter Schwartz Charleston School of Law Washburn University School of La
1700 SW College Av
Topeka, KS 66621
Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CAUC Hastings COL; San Francisco CA
451551970-01-15Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)George Philip Fletcher Columbia School Of Law Columbia School Of La
435 W 116Th S
New York, NY 10027
Univ of California; CAUniv of Chicago Law School; Chicago IL
549851973-01-02Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)John L. Barkai Univ-Hawaii-School Of Law Univ-Hawaii-School Of La
2515 Dol
Honolulu, HI 96822
Univ of Michigan; MIUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
406201967-08-01Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)George Cameron Coggins School Of Law School Of La
Univ Of Kansa
Lawrence, KS 66045
Central Michigan Univ; Mt Pleasant MIUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
405591967-06-13Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)John Jerome Sampson School Of Law School Of La
2500 Red Rive
Austin, TX 78705
Univ of Minnesota; Minneapolis MNUniv of Minnesota L S; Minneapolis MN
917961980-05-30Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Susan Alice Kiefer Hamline Univ/School of Law Hamline Univ/School of La
1536 Hewitt Av
Saint Paul, MN 55104
Springfield Coll; Springfield MAUniv of Oregon SOL; Eugene OR
339081963-01-15Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Frank L Mallare School Of Law School Of Law Room 23
Univ Of Wisconsi
Madison, WI 54306
Kent State Univ; Kent OHUniv of Wisconsin Law School; Madison WI
1999211998-12-17Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)David Duncan Stallings West Coast School of Law West Coast School of La
7837 Danvers S
Downey, CA 90240
See Registration Card;William Howard Taft Univ; Santa Ana CA



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