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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
1442641989-12-13Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Gregory Allan Gruber Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
1201 Pacific Ave #45
Tacoma, WA 98402
Univ of Washington; Seattle WAArizona State Univ COL; Tempe AZ
522861972-06-02Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Thomas Michael Coffin Ofc US Attorney Ofc Of Us Attorne
211 East Seventh Stree
Eugene, OR 97401
Coll of St Benedict; St Joseph MNHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
1083501983-06-03Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Robert A. Ellis Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
402 E Yakima Ave #21
Yakima, WA 98901
No Information Available;No Information Available
969961981-02-06Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Richard Dennis Kaufman Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
138 Delaware Av
Buffalo, NY 14202
Southwestern Coll; Chula Vista CASouthwestern Univ SOL; Los Angeles CA
1090371983-06-03Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Bonnie S. Klapper Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
825 Eastgate Blv
Garden City, NY 11530
Univ of Pennsylvania; Philadelphia PAUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
549131972-12-18Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Wayne Thomas Dance Ofc US Attorney Off US Attorne
185 S State #40
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
St Mary's Coll; Moraga CAUC Hastings COL; San Francisco CA
1332171988-02-05Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Heather Lynne Cartwright Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
555 4th St N
Washington, DC 20001
Univ of Illinois; ILUniv of Illinois COL; Champaign IL
1077171983-04-18Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Marietta Parker Ofc US Attorney 410 E 54th S
Kansas City, MO 64110

Univ of Missouri; Kansas City MOUniv of Missouri SOL; Kansas City MO
2242642003-01-31Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Virginia Arlene Black Ofc US Attorney Ofc of US Attorne
880 Front S
San Diego, CA 92101-8893
Juniata Coll; Huntingdon PAUniv of San Diego SOL; San Diego CA
1607831992-12-14Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Timothy John Heaphy Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
555 4th St N
Washington, DC 20001-2675
Univ of Virginia; Charlottesville VAUniv of Virginia SOL; Charlottesville VA
1413601989-07-07Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Mary A Schneider Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorney
880 Front St #6293
San Diego, CA 92101-8893
Washburn Univ; Topeka KSWashburn Univ SOL; Topeka KS
1594741992-06-08Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Claire DeLonge Ofc US Attorney Ofc US Attorne
312 N Spring St 15F
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Univ of Southern Calif; Los Angeles CAWhittier Coll SOL; CA



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