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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
1913191997-12-09InactiveSamoa Watanabe Morrison & Foerster LLP Morrison & Foerste
1290 Avenue of the America
New York, NY 10104
Stanford Univ; Stanford CACol William & Mary Marshall-Wythe SOL; Williamsburg VA
2585642008-12-04InactiveChristopher Trevor Hines Morrison & Foerster LLP Assistant Professor of La
Northern Illinois Universit
College of La
Dekalb, IL 60115
Yale Univ; New Haven CTColumbia Univ SOL; New York NY
580411973-12-19InactiveJames Henry Pooley Morrison & Foerster LLP World Intellectual Property Organizatio
34, Chemin des Colombette
1211, Geneva 2
Lafayette Coll; Easton PAColumbia Univ SOL; New York NY
542421972-12-13InactiveStuart Jay Offer Morrison & Foerster LLP 770 Longridge R
Oakland, CA 94610

Univ of Washington; Seattle WAColumbia Univ SOL; New York NY
1757251995-01-17InactivePhuong Nguyen Pham Morrison & Foerster LLP Wilkinson Barker Knauer LL
2300 N St NW Ste 70
Washington, DC 20037
Univ of Virginia; Charlottesville VACornell Univ; Ithaca NY
2227952002-12-06InactiveThomas Peter Broadhurst Morrison & Foerster LLP 1 Strand-on-the-Gree
London W4 3P
Foreign School;Foreign Law School;
2144112001-07-16InactiveMatthew McArthur Sikes Morrison & Foerster LLP 12201 Coppola D
Potomac, MD 20854

Harvard Univ; Cambridge MAGeorgetown Univ Law Ctr; Washington DC
2201672002-06-11InactiveKristina Marie Swanson Morrison & Foerster LLP 20945 Anthony R
Westfield, IN 46062

Michigan State Univ; E Lansing MIHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
385001966-05-10InactiveJames Christopher Paras Morrison & Foerster LLP Morrison & Foerster LL
425 Market S
San Francisco, CA 94105-2482
Harvard Univ; Cambridge MAHarvard Univ Law School; Cambridge MA
2647442009-12-01InactiveJennifer Lynn Shipp Morrison & Foerster LLP 338 Holladay Av
San Francisco, CA 94110

Emory Univ; Atlanta GAHoward Univ SOL; Washington DC
1344051988-06-14InactiveMalek-Mith Sheybani Morrison & Foerster LLP Morrison & Foerster LL
267 N Bowling Green Wa
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Mills Coll; Oakland CALoyola Law School; Los Angeles CA
287791958-06-11InactiveJohn Sobieski Morrison & Foerster LLP 460 S Arroyo Blv
Pasadena, CA 91105

Stanford Univ; Stanford CAStanford Univ Law School; Stanford CA
2063692000-03-27InactiveJames Matthew Denaro Morrison & Foerster LLP CipherLaw LL
PO Box 3478
Bethesda, MD 20827
Tufts Univ; Medford MATulane Univ Law School; New Orleans LA
2531562007-12-07InactiveNaomi Rose Ogan Morrison & Foerster LLP K&L Gates LL
925 4th Ave Ste 290
Seattle, WA 98104
Santa Clara Univ; Santa Clara CAUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
2531172007-12-07InactiveRebecca Shortle Morrison & Foerster LLP 308 Park S
San Francisco, CA 94110

Pomona Coll; Claremont CAUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
2520372007-12-04InactiveLee B Awbrey Morrison & Foerster LLP Greenpeace, US
702 H St N
Washington, DC 20001
Colby Coll; Waterville MEUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
2514062007-12-01InactiveJessica Owley Lippmann Morrison & Foerster LLP University at Buffalo Law School
722 John Lord O'Brian Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260
Wellesley Coll; Wellesley MAUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
1392611989-01-06InactiveChiahua Pan Morrison & Foerster LLP FSB FisherBroyles LL
97 Argyle Av
New Rochelle, NY 10804
Radcliffe Coll; MAUC Berkeley SOL Boalt Hall; Berkeley CA
1954971998-06-04InactiveDiana Marie Saso Morrison & Foerster LLP The Manning
Chard Roa
Stockland, Devon EX14 9D
Univ of California Santa Barbara; CAUC Hastings COL; San Francisco CA
2594122008-12-04InactiveJennifer Ryan Allison Morrison & Foerster LLP 2018 Cove Tr
Winter Park, FL 32789

Duke Univ; Durham NCUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2388242005-11-22InactiveAdam Jennings Lavier Morrison & Foerster LLP 4604 Wilson Blv
Arlington, VA 22203

Hampden-Sydney Coll; Hampden Sydney VAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1817101996-02-20InactiveBraden William Penhoet Morrison & Foerster LLP 1014 Grizzly Peak Blv
Berkeley, CA 94708

Stanford Univ; Stanford CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2043791999-12-07InactiveAndrea Beth Hasegawa Morrison & Foerster LLP 1362 Trestle Glen R
Oakland, CA 94610

Tulane Univ; New Orleans LAUniv of Chicago Law School; Chicago IL
2544642007-12-13InactiveMarisa Lopez McDonald Morrison & Foerster LLP 102 Uster C
New Bern, NC 28562

Univ of Florida; Gainesville FLUniv of Florida COL; Gainesville FL
2058031999-12-16InactiveHeather V J D Burror Morrison & Foerster LLP 2713 Carol L
Bishop, CA 93514

California St Univ Hayward; Hayward CAUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
1945531998-03-08InactiveScott Frederick Llewellyn Morrison & Foerster LLP Morrison & Foerster LL
370 17th St 52F
Denver, CO 80202-5638
Yale Univ; New Haven CTUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
854141979-05-31InactiveEllen Borgersen Morrison & Foerster LLP 2 Cloudview Tr
Sausalito, CA 94965

Antioch Coll; Yellow Springs OHUniv of Michigan Law Sch; Ann Arbor MI
219901951-01-04InactiveBurton Joseph Gindler Morrison & Foerster LLP 164 N Las Palmas Av
Los Angeles, CA 90004

Univ of Minnesota; Minneapolis MNUniv of Minnesota L S; Minneapolis MN
2439662006-08-11InactiveTejasvi Moka Srimushnam Morrison & Foerster LLP 715 Underwood St N
Washington, DC 20012

Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAUniv of Pennsylvania LS; Philadelphia PA
1561331991-12-16InactiveMark Curtis Paist Morrison & Foerster LLP Overseas Private Investment Corporatio
1100 New York Ave N
Washington, DC 20527
Stanford Univ; Stanford CAUniv of Virginia SOL; Charlottesville VA
2638672009-06-08InactiveElizabeth Anne Richardson Morrison & Foerster LLP US Court of Appeals, Federal Circui
717 Madison Pl N
Washington, DC 20439
Kansas State Univ; Manhattan KSUniv of Washington SOL; Seattle WA
2003541999-01-28InactiveAllison Galena Bothell Schnieders Morrison & Foerster LLP 1065 Lexington Ave Apt #8
New York, NY 10021

Georgetown Univ; Washington DCUniv of Washington SOL; Seattle WA
1072111982-12-03InactiveDonald Dean Dickerson Jr Morrison & Foerster LLP Workman Nydegge
20 Pacifica Ste 113
Irvine, CA 92618
California St Polytechnic Univ; Pomona CAUSC Law School; Los Angeles CA



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