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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
2816442011-12-29ActiveAiza H. Siddiqi Plews Shadley Racher & Brau
1346 N Delaware S
Indianapolis, IN 46202-2415
Georgetown Univ; Washington DCUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2681062009-12-06ActiveRyan Thomas Dunn Faegre & Benson LL
2200 Wells Fargo Cente
90 S 7th St Ste 220
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Univ of Wisconsin; Madison WIUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2603332008-12-07ActiveMatthew Andrew Treptow Private Practice Small Law Office PSC 303 Box 4
APO, AP 96204

Princeton Univ; Princeton NJUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2506622007-09-19ActiveYvonne Ballesteros Lim Ruger & Kim LLP Price, Waicukauski & Riley, LL
301 Massachusetts Av
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA Litigation
2405492005-12-04ActiveJames Adam Godwin Burns, White & Hickton Larkin Hoffman Daly & Lindgren Lt
1500 Wells Fargo Plaz
7900 Xerxes Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55431
Univ of Kansas; Lawrence KSUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2357852005-03-07ActiveKimberly Ann Svendsen Ofc US Attorney US Attorney's Offic
600 US Courthous
300 S 4th S
Minneapolis, MN 55415
Univ of North Dakota; Grand Forks NDUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2181832001-12-02ActiveJoy Michele Choynowska Jones Day Jones Da
3 Church St 14th F
Samsung Hu
Singapore 04948
Univ of California Santa Barbara; CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
2113432000-12-07ActiveJames Malcolm Collison Yu & Partners 89 Science Park Dr #03-0
Singapore Science Park
Univ of California San Diego; La Jolla CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1665821993-12-06InactiveChristopher Aloysius Cherry Limitless LLC Damodara Hazra LL
Foreign Legal Adviso
146 Robinson Rd #07-0
Singapore 06890
Univ of Illinois; Urbana Champaign ILUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1667031993-12-06InactiveLeonard Bruce Segal Oberman & Segal, LLC Oberman Thompson & Segal, LL
1 Financial Plaz
120 S 6th St Ste 170
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Univ of Minnesota; Minneapolis MNUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1629061992-12-14ResignedJeffrey Robert Denman Boucher & Denman LLP Boucher & Denman LL
126 Cathedral S
Annapolis, MD 21401
Univ of Maryland; College Park MDUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1604351992-12-04InactivePaul Henry Luehr Stroz Friedberg, LLC Stroz Friedberg, LL
Northstar Center Wes
625 Marquette Ave Ste 72
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Harvard Univ; Cambridge MAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1544561991-12-16InactiveDouglas Michael Ramler Gray Plant Mooty Gray Plant Moot
80 S 8th St Ste 50
Minneapolis, MN 55402
Univ of Notre Dame; Notre Dame INUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA Business Law
1538511991-08-12Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Kenneth Alan Kirley Private Practice Small Law Office 400 Ford Rd #31
Minneapolis, MN 55426

Cornell Univ; Ithaca NYUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1527861991-06-06ActiveKaren Brown Kepler Cargill, Inc Cargill, In
PO Box 562
Minneapolis, MN 55440
Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1494191990-12-04InactiveAndrea Ellen Reisbord Cousineau McGuire Cousineau McGuir
1550 Utica Ave S Ste 60
Minneapolis, MN 55416
Occidental Coll; Los Angeles CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1435681989-12-11InactiveEllen Davies Gregory Private Practice Small Law Office Ellen Gregory La
711 E 65th St Ste
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Princeton Univ; Princeton NJUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA Environmental Law
1333361988-03-17Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Robert Curtis Bowman US Dept of Justice US Dept of Justic
Unit 6410
APO, AE 09831
Williams Coll; Williamstown MAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
1325921987-12-30InactiveChi-Wo Joy Cheng Private Practice Small Law Office 363 Holland Roa
Unit #01-05 Allsworth Par
Singapore 278638, Singapor
Stanford Univ; Stanford CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
985911981-06-25Not eligible to practice law (Not Entitled)Hockfei Jeffrey Leow Private Practice Small Law Office 37A Branksome R
Singapore 43957
Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA
680731975-12-29ActiveDavid Richard Woodward Heins Mills & Olson, P.L.C. Heins Mills & Olson, P.L.C
310 Clifton Av
Minneapolis, MN 55403
St Cloud State Univ; St Cloud MNUCLA SOL; Los Angeles CA



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