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Bar NumberAdmission DateStatusNameOrganization/FirmAddressUndergradLaw SchoolSections
2543262007-12-04ActiveDaryl Lynn Binkley Daryl L Binkley, Esq Daryl L Binkley, Es
77564 Country Club Dr Ste 24
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA Business Law
Trusts & Estates
Real Property Law
2496502007-06-01ActiveDaniel Martin Parlow Higgins Harris et al Guralnick & Gillilan
40004 Cook St Ste
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Marquette Univ; Milwaukee WIPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
1891051997-06-03Resigned with Charges PendingJeffrey Joseph Hegberg Private Practice Small Law Office 71301 Cholla Wa
Palm Desert, CA 92260

Arizona St Univ; Tempe AZPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
1301691987-12-14ActiveJohn Joseph Higgins Higgins Harris et al Higgins Harris et a
45445 Portola Ave #
Palm Desert, CA 92260-4844
Michigan State Univ; E Lansing MIPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
1200021985-12-10ActiveDaniel William Maguire Burke Williams & Sorensen LLP Burke, Williams & Sorense
73929 Larrea St Ste 4
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Univ of Notre Dame; Notre Dame INPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
1180221985-06-11ActiveValerie Mattson Dombrowski Stanley Louis Co. Best Te
73850 Dinah Shore Dr Ste 11
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Pepperdine Univ; Malibu CAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
1110351983-12-13ActiveDarinco Bozich Private Practice Small Law Office PO Box 1425
Palm Desert, CA 92255

California St Univ Sacramento; CAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA Criminal Law
905671979-11-29ActiveTaylor L Huff Private Practice Small Law Office Attorney at Law
41625 Eclectic Ln #B-1
Palm Desert, CA 92260
Coll of Wooster; Wooster OHPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
860071979-05-31ActiveWayne Stewart Guralnick Guralnick & Gilliland Guralnick & Gillilan
40004 Cook St Ste
Palm Desert, CA 92211
Villanova Univ; Villanova PAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA Real Property Law
679681975-12-16ActiveSteven Jay Weinberg Private Practice Small Law Office 42580 Caroline Ct #
Palm Desert, CA 92211-5139

Univ of California at Los Angeles; CAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
570901973-12-20InactiveWalter Dyer Germond Private Practice Small Law Office 42640 Vanadium P
Palm Desert, CA 92260

California St Univ Long Beach; CAPepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA
531891972-12-14ActiveDavid L Boone Private Practice Small Law Office 38180 Del Webb Blvd PMB 2
Palm Desert, CA 92211

No Information Available;Pepperdine Univ SOL; Malibu CA



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