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Undergraduate Schools where Law School is Santa Clara Univ SOL; Santa Clara CA (representing 8390 members)

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Undergraduate School# Members% of Total
1. Santa Clara Univ; Santa Clara CA92711.05%
2. Univ of California Berkeley; Berkeley CA85110.14%
3. San Jose State Univ; San Jose CA5977.12%
4. Univ of California Davis; Davis CA4775.69%
5. Univ of California at Los Angeles; CA4325.15%
6. Univ of California Santa Barbara; CA3984.74%
7. Stanford Univ; Stanford CA2963.53%
8. Univ of California Santa Cruz; CA2172.59%
9. Univ of California San Diego; La Jolla CA1982.36%
10. Univ of Southern Calif; Los Angeles CA1441.72%
11. California Polytechnic St U; San Luis Obispo CA1181.41%
12. See Registration Card;1141.36%
13. Univ of California Irvine; Irvine CA951.13%
14. San Francisco State Unv; San Francisco CA921.10%
15. California St Univ Hayward; Hayward CA760.91%
16. Univ of San Francisco; San Francisco CA740.88%
17. California St Univ Fresno; Fresno CA720.86%
18. San Diego State Univ; San Diego CA710.85%
19. No Information Available;700.83%
20. California St Univ Chico; Chico CA680.81%

These statistics attempt to ignore addresses that are obviously not organizations, where applicable. Inconsistent org/firm names in the Bar database may skew results.



This service supplements the Attorney Search feature of the California Bar Association website ("Bar Site"). Its purpose is to aid current and prospective law students in researching law schools with respect to public data provided by the Bar Site. To that aim, this service provides search and statistical functionality that the Bar Site lacks, including the ability to search for Bar members by law school attended and interest section, and to display statistics regarding location, membership status, and organizations. This service does not duplicate functionality available on the Bar Site. Data is not guaranteed to be complete or valid. I have attempted to normalize inconsistent names of organizations, cities and law schools from the Bar Site, but there are certainly still some errors and inconsistencies.

This tool most recently completed a full scan of the Bar Site on Jul 08 2012.

See also the Automated LSAC Application Status Check tool.

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